Type B Villas

There are 2 Villas of 175 sq.m including terraces and independent 210 sq.m gardens, with a choice of two to three floors depending on the case.

The ground floors comprises the dining and living room, kitchen, a bedroom with a full equipped bathroom and a terrace over 200 sq.m clearance. Split between two or three floors, depending on the case chosen, the upper floors comprise bedrooms, bathrooms and as well a small office room in one of them.

Shared facilities

The Villas can be accessed via two different entrances located in different streets at two opposites of the residential area (Camí de la Cantera and calle Boyero.). It is a fully enclosed area and access is restricted to the owners. Inside the residential area, the owners can drive along freely through an external ring that connects and gives access to each and every one of the Villas through one of the sides. The front façade of the Villas is oriented to a fully planted communitarian garden with palm trees comprising different heights that link the different private gardens and that leads to a swimming pool located in the centre of this area. In addition, through the Cami de la Cantera entrance, there is an external parking area in which 10 additional vehicles can be parked with direct access to the Villas.